Founded in 2008, Webficient has over 65 software projects under its belt. We’ve developed consumer-facing brands for new companies, supported agencies and their clients, and have worked on enterprise application projects for prominent brands.

We know the following concepts and technologies really, really well:

API Design and Integration
Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, CloudFormation, and more)
Content Management Solutions
DevOps and Infrastructure Management
E-commerce and Payment Processing (Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe)
Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB)
Financial Systems and PCI Compliance
JavaScript and Frameworks (jQuery, Angular, Backbone, Ember)
Geolocation, Google Maps
HIPAA Compliance
Mobile including HTML5 and iOS, iPhone, iPad
Node.js and Express
Platforms such as Engine Yard, Heroku, and Parse.com
Responsive Web Design
Ruby on Rails
Salesforce.com Development (Apex, Visual Force)
Security and Encryption
Telephony, Twilio
Twitter Bootstrap

Save Money

Webficient vs. Hiring an Employee
Outsourcing your development needs will save you 30-40% compared to hiring an employee. We only bill you for hours worked, not time spent checking emails, Tweeting, and non-productive work.

Webficient vs. Hiring Your Own Contractor
A typical software development project touches many layers of an application and its underlying foundation. Usually, one developer is not going to be enough, or may not be as productive doing work that is not core to his or her skill set. Yet sourcing and managing multiple resources can be extremely burdensome for organizations, especially small businesses. Webficient makes life simpler, identifying the best resources available according to needs and budget.

Save Time

For Entrepreneurs seeking that perfect technical co-founder, Webficient is a great alternative. Our seasoned team consists of individuals who have worked at startups in senior roles or even started previous ventures. We can be your “interim CTO” today and get you on track.

Startups cannot afford to spend months looking for that perfect engineer. We can complement your existing team, help with training, or be your go-to expert for tough problems. We’ve helped tech startups such as Extole, Jivox, and RocketHub with their projects.

Agencies rely on Webficient to make their client projects go smoothly. We adapt to existing processes and communication protocols, rather than the other way around. We’ve worked on projects with agencies such as Edelman, Ignition Interactive, Wieden+Kennedy, and Zebra Partners.

Scale Up (Down) Resources

Software projects are dynamic, with scope and needs changing in response to feedback from beta customers, investors, and your own team. But keeping part-time contractors loyal to your cause can be tricky, and you can lose valuable time waiting for them to become available again. Webficient’s “on demand” resource model enables organizations to adapt the size of the project team in response to circumstances, both expected and unexpected. Whether you need to speed things up or stretch your budget, we can adapt to your needs.

Free Third Party Services

Webficient provides each customer with complimentary licenses to online services that go hand-in-hand with modern software development practices. Keep things lean – let us cover the costs of project management tools, code repositories, continuous integration, and more. Over a year, that amounts to at least $800 in savings. We use award-winning tools such as GitHub and Pivotal Tracker.